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With passion for the smallest detail, thoughtful attention and a love of perfection.

Creating a uniquely different hair product.

qaba™ – it’s all about you!

All qaba™ products are made for you in Melbourne with passion and available at our Salon!

At qaba™ they believe that it was time to come up with a unique and different way of treating hair & scalp.

So with extensive research and development they have created qaba™ 100% pure, natural essential oils that treat the hair & scalp as one.

Now you can nourish the hair & scalp at the same time. That’s the power of qaba™

A simple and very effective hair & scalp regime like never before. Once you start using qaba™ you will notice an instant improvement to your hair and scalp.

QABA Shampoo and conditioner

$50.95 Regular Price
$25.48Sale Price
  • 5$ to ship the products.  fr