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Invisible and lightweight finising crème for cashmere-smooth shine, tamed flyaways, hair definition and anti-frizz control.


How To Use:

Glide through the mid-lengths of your hair after blow-drying, and any time during the day to enhance your look.



Cashmere-smooth shine achieved with Sublimate. A universal styling cream that works with any unique style or hair type, with any combination of iconic products. The polymer used in Sublimate is flexible and forms a smooth film around the hair fiber for more anti-frizz, while its lightweight formula allows you to apply it over and over throughout the day. Where care meets style, there's Sublimate, your new style icon.


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IN THE ARTISTS' MINDS"The great thing about Sublimate is you can use it on all hair types, so it’s not going to weigh the hair down in any way, so you can use it the next day, it’s so easy to use that it can be something that you put your head upside down, and just rake it through the hair and it will basically refresh that style that you have." Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey, Sebastian Global Art Directors.

SUBLIMATE - Anti Frizz Cream